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Move Tally 12/1/10 – 12/31/10

Well I had an ok year tallying my movies.  I am happy to be a member of the #tallyteers.  I have had some trial and error in doing tallying. I think I found out how I like to display what I have tallied.  Lets have a big year in watching movies in 2011.

BMX Bandits

Mr. 3000

Get Him to the Greek

War Games

The Girl Who Knew Too Much aka The Evil Eye

The Bird With The Chrystal Plumage

The Crazies 2010

Blood and Black Lace

She’s Out of my League

Trash Humpers

A Christmas Story

The House of the Devil


Despicable Me



Scott Pilgrim vs The World

The Town

Easy A

Deep Red

Movie Tally 10/1/10-10/31/10

I had a fun month of horror movies.  I watched some really good movies and some really bad movies.  Please take a look and see what I watched.
Masters of the Universe
Mystery Team
Starship Troopers
The Last House on the Left 2009
A Nightmare Before Christmas
Black Sheep
At First Sight
Let The Right One In
Jennifer’s Body
The Human Centipede
The Perfect Storm
Dead Snow
30 Days of Night: Dark Days
Ichi the Killer
Jackass 3D
The Girl Next Door
Suicide Girls Must Die
The Loved Ones
Murder Party
Stupid Teenagers Must Die!
Halloween II

The Final Destination Blu Ray

This movie was terrible.  I liked the Final Destination series and enjoyed the creative way they kill people.  I never ran out to the movies as soon as they came out usually waited to see at my pace.  This one really drops the ball in the series.  It runs the idea as all the other ones.  This one has terrible special effects and the 3D imagagry is horrible.  I could do better job with my iPhone.  Don’t waste your time or money on this movie.  I was really hoping for a big grand finale to the series and was let down big time.