Groundhog day 4/9/10

Not much to say but funny rewatch. I have seen it many times.

Alvin and the Chipmunks the Squeakquel 4/8/10

Oh what to say about this movie. What a great follow up to the first one. It is a great kid movie where my 2 year old loved the movie and laughed most of the movie. I like how kid movies are fun and entertaining for the adults. I can say I really liked the movie and will watch again. Want a fun movie to watch with the kids buy it and enjoy.

Watched Avatar 3/27/10

Yeah I know it has been out for quite awhile now.  The Imax closest to me finally brought to the screen.  I live in central Illinois all corn fields.  Well I can say it was worth the wait.  It was really an assault on the senses.  The 3D was awesome and would love to see it again in 3D.  My eyes got overwhelmed in some of the real fast moving scenes and got a little blurry.  April 22nd is the release of the blu ray.  Now I want to see it in true 1080p where I can really enjoy it in my recliner and catch the details that I missed.  Great experience.  I can’t wait to see it again.

My new blog

Welcome to my new blog.  I have never had my own blog and now I will write short opinions on movies that I watch.  I am not a critic of movies I will just the average guy thought on the movie.#newblog